Nutrolin® SPORT – a new formula

Nutrolin Sport

Instead of the previous three active ingredients, the product now contains four essential nutrients. Two potent antioxidants replaced astaxanthin. The mechanism of action remains the same. The dog recovers faster and can perform from one exercise to the next with more ease.

Nutrolin Sport
Canicross_Nutrolin Sport

Here’s how SPORT works:

  • High levels of omega-3 EPA and DHA improve recovery and reduce stress-induced oxidative stress and muscle pain.
  • Three effective antioxidants: natural vitamin E, beta-carotene and ubiquinone.

Natural vitamin E, together with omega-3 fatty acids, effectively relieves oxidative stress. 100% of the vitamin E in the preparation benefits the dog, as we have protected the oil against oxidation with rosemary and tocopherol extract.

Nutrolin SPORT
Nutrolin Sport Riitta Kempe
Nutrolin Sport herding
Nutrolin Sport_bordercollie-21

Beta-carotene is a powerful antioxidant and a similar molecule to astaxanthin. It is lighter in colour, so the product is closer to orange now than the previous red.

Ubiquinone is not only an antioxidant but also an essential nutrient in energy production. Ubiquinone produces energy for energy-intensive organs such as the heart, muscles, liver and kidneys.

Strong synergy from omega-3’s and key antioxidants:

  • EPA + DHA 2000 mg / 10 ml
  • Ubiquinone (Q10) 20 mg / 10 ml
  • Vitamin E 100 mg / 10 ml
  • Beta-carotene 6 mg / 10 ml
  • Tocopherol extract
  • Rosemary extract
Nutrolin Sport_bordercollie-23
Nutrolin Sport_bordercollie


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