Does your dog get ear infections?


All dogs can get ear infections, but dogs with heavy, droopy ears and dogs with a lot of hair around the ears are particularly at risk, because yeast and bacteria thrive in warm and damp conditions. Dogs with allergies and skin conditions are also prone to ear infections.

Common symptoms of ear problems include the dog shaking its head and scratching its ears. However, the symptoms are not always clear and therefore it is important to check your dog’s ears regularly. Make a habit of visually inspecting that the inside of the ear is clean and sniff the ear to check that there is no sickly smell. 

Clean your dog’s ears only when necessary

When your dog’s ears are healthy, they are clean and do not smell bad. If the ears are clean, there is no need to wipe them. If there is some dirt but the ears do not smell, and the ears are not bothering the dog, you can gently wipe the ear clean with, for instance, a cotton wool pad. (Note! Do not use cotton swabs, because they may slip in the ear canal and damage the eardrum.) If necessary, you can use over-the-counter dog ear cleaning solutions available at pharmacies and pet stores.

If the dog’s ears are irritated and red, if they smell bad or if they are hurting the dog, contact your veterinarian for further treatment.

Healthier ears by improving the skin’s barrier function

Ear infections are often accompanied by other problems, such as allergies and skin issues. Skin problems often stem from the natural protective barrier being out of balance. A weak skin barrier can cause various problems ranging from itching to dull coat and ear infections.

The natural protective skin barrier can be strengthened by using essential fatty acids that support the skin’s barrier function. In particular, omega-6 linoleic acid derived from plant seed sources is important.

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