Health tips: Is your dog already over 8 years old?

Nutrolin Senior dog

An 8-year-old dog is considered to be senior. Large breeds tend to grow old earlier than smaller breeds, but all dogs become less active, and their joints become stiffer as the years go by. Is your elderly dog showing signs of having stiff joints?

Tell-tale signs of stiffness in the body include slow movement, difficulty getting up and difficulty climbing stairs. However, a greying muzzle does not mean that your dog cannot lead an active life. The right nutrients can help your senior dog to stay fully functional.

Which nutrients does your senior dog need?

Ageing dogs often have age-related health issues caused by body changes. Among other age-related problems, ageing dogs may have a chronic low-grade inflammation that affects their ability to function in many ways. Inflammation contributes to the dog’s joints wearing and speeds up the loss of muscle mass.  Omega-3 oils in fish oil provide an effective defence against inflammation.

Another change in the body of an ageing dog is oxidative stress, that is, the adverse effects of free oxygen radicals. Oxidative stress is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body. Oxidative stress is harmful to the body. When you give your dog antioxidative vitamin E and ubiquinone (Q10)  together with Omega-3’s, you protect the dog from oxidative stress.


Finnish Lapphund Anuliina reached 18 years

Finnish Lapphund Anuliina lived a very long and very healthy life. In this photo, she was already 18 years and 3 months old. Anuliina took Nutrolin® product for nearly half of her life. Anuliina was born approximately 10 years before Nutrolin® products were launched, and she started to use Nutrolin® SENIOR when it was launched. During her final years, Anuliina changed from SENIOR to Nutrolin® HIP & JOINT.

Anuliina’s owner Eini says that Anuliina remained active during her entire life: In addition to her show career, Anuliina enjoyed agility, obedience and tracking. Anuliina spent many years in retirement and was happy and in a good condition until the very end. According to Anuliina’s owner Eini, the secrets of Anuliina’s long and healthy life were good genes, suitable exercise, the right nourishment and Nutrolin® products.