Stallion Fini is Juulia’s world-class competition horse who deserves the best of the best fatty acid supplements to support his powerful body during training and competition. ”We live in the Netherlands and I was happy to find out how convenient it is to order Nutrolin® HORSE products right to our home stables. I actually found Nutrolin® when I was visiting my native country Finland. Now many of my Dutch friends are using Nutrolin®, too”, Juulia tells about their history with the super premium brand.

Fini’s daily supplementing routine includes two Nutrolin® products. He takes Nutrolin® HORSE Sport fatty acid formula to reduce inflammation and to support faster recovery. The other one is Nutrolin® HORSE Joint Duo, which not only controls the inflammation but supports the regeneration of joint tissues. Together these broad spectrum nutrients protect Fini’s joints from injury during strenuous exercise.