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Nutrolin® partnering with Korkeasaari since 2018
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At Nutrolin®, we’ve been at the forefront of providing unique fatty acid formulas to companion animals and humans since 2007.

In 2018, we embarked on a journey with Korkeasaari Zoo, working in tandem with their nutrition and veterinary experts. Together, we’ve made substantial strides in enhancing the well-being of various species, addressing the animals’ skin and coat concerns, and improving mobility.

Join us in exploring how our pioneering approach can benefit the health and vitality of zoo animals.

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Dr. Mikko Griinari

The development of the Nutrolin® products is based on strong scientific expertise. Mikko Griinari, PhD, received his doctorate degree from Cornell University, USA. Dr. Griinari ‘s focus in his research and work revolves around the study of fatty acids, and he has held academic positions in Swedish and Finnish universities: Uppsala University and the University of Helsinki. Mikko is not just an expert; his household is complete with the joyful company of two Labrador retrievers, a cat, a horse, five chickens and a rooster.

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The consulting nutritionist in charge of the animals‘ nutrition at Korkeasaari Zoo reached out to Dr. Mikko Griinari in 2018. Some of the white-headed sakis had patches of hairless areas on their bodies, while the coats of some other species weren’t as healthy-looking as they could be. Some of the zoo’s older animals were also experiencing mobility issues.

At Korkeasaari, each animal is fed according to not only its species-specific requirements, but also age and other specific needs. Aino Pietikäinen, the consulting nutritionist at Korkeasaari, conveyed these unique dietary requirements to Dr. Mikko Griinari. He embraced the challenge and thus began the partnership between Korkeasaari and Nutrolin®.

Today, several species at Korkeasaari Zoo benefit from their unique Nutrolin® fatty acid blends and the innovative synergistic fatty acid & chondroprotective supplements offered by Nutrolin®.

For hands-on experience, don’t hesitate to contact Korkeasaari’s staff in charge of the animals‘ nutrition and health.

For hands-on experience, don’t hesitate to contact Korkeasaari’s staff in charge of the animals‘ nutrition and health

Heini Nihtilä, DVM
Animal Health

Nina Trontti, MSc
Director of Animal Care and Conservation
+358 50 511 8118 

Hanna-Maija Lahtinen, MSc
Mammal curator
Animal care and conservation
+358 40 761 3250 

Ulla Tuomainen, PhD
Animal care and conservation
+358 40 592 3298 

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