Registry and Privacy Statement

This is the registry and data protection statement of Olini Oy, compliant with the Personal Data Act (§10 and 24) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. Last modified on 23rd October 2020.

The Registrar
Olini Oy
Hyvelänraitti 6
FI-09640 Saukkola

VAT number: FI21353200

Legal basis and purpose of processing personal data
Personal data is processed in order to:
– Provide better customer service
– Develop web services
– Maintain customer accounts
– Process and deliver orders
– Create analyses and statistics
– Create and target marketing content
– Prevent misuse

The data can be used on third party platforms. Further information on advertisement settings and how to change them:
– Facebook
– Google
– Instagram

The processing of personal data by Olini Oy is also based on a legitimate interest in processing the personal data of potential customers, or data obtained with the web service users’ consent to store the data.

Information stored on the Register
Information provided by users:
– Name
– Telephone number
– E-mail address
– Postal address
– Billing and payment information
– Consent or prohibition to direct marketing

Information generated from service use and data analysis:
– Network IP address
– Data on products ordered
– Website visits and browsing data
– Location
– Browser and equipment data

Regular sources of information
Information saved in the Register is entered in by users when using the web service, or by customers opting in to the storage and use of personal data for marketing purposes.

Regular disclosures and transfers of data outside the EU or the EEA
Data is not regularly disclosed to third parties, except in certain cases where it is necessary for the functionality of the web service (for example, payments and logistics, analytics or marketing proposals). In the aforementioned cases, information can be stored outside the EU or the EEA. These third parties are not permitted to use the data for their own purposes or to distribute the data further. Olini Oy may also disclose information to third parties when disclosure is required by valid legislation, for example, when responding to requests from authorities.

Registry Protection Principles
The Registrar’s data system and files are protected with several technological safety measures. Individual user IDs and passwords are granted only to the registrar’s employees or individuals working for the registrar on tasks that require the aforementioned user rights.

Cookie policy
Olini Oy uses cookies on its web service in order to develop the web service and enable certain functionality. Cookies are used, for example, when using the shopping basket on the web service and therefore certain cookies are essential for use of the web service.

Cookies are also used to target marketing efforts, and users of the web service can specify whether they wish to allow cookies to be used for marketing purposes. If you wish to change your cookie settings, you can do so here.

Right of inspection and the right to request rectification of information
Every data subject has the right to verify what information concerning them is stored in the register and to request rectification of possible errors or provide missing information. Should a data subject wish to verify what information concerning them is stored or request rectification of the information, written requests should be sent to:

or to:

Olini Oy
Hyvelänraitti 6
FI-09430 Saukkola

VAT number FI21353200

The registrar shall reply to the data subject within the time specified in the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Other rights regarding processing of personal data
The data subject has the right to request for the Registrar to erase information relating to them in the register (the right to be forgotten). The data subject shall also have the right to contest the processing of their personal data, for example, for direct marketing.

Should a data subject wish to have information relating to them to be removed from the Register or restrict the use of information relating to them, they may send a written request to or call +358 (0)10 8392 100.

The Registrar shall reply to the data subject within the time specified in the EU General Data Protection Regulation.