Puustinen is often seen on laptops, sometimes deleting things that her human colleagues have been producing for hours and forgot to save. She is also the chief gardener, pruning office plants so they do not grow too large. 

When the Nutrolin® office moved to an old butter factory it was the perfect time to get an office cat. A friend had kittens who were growing up with her family and three Border collies. The whole pack was taking their Nutrolin® oils, so we knew the kittens were getting their ’brain omegas’, Nutrolin® KITTEN & ADULT (we obviously wanted a smart, trainable cat). Their breed mix sounded quite interesting: 25% Ragdoll, 25% Siamese, 25% Turkish Van and 25% Maine Coon. Puustinen’s genes got arranged in a unique way. She looks like none of those exotic breeds but like a cinnamon bun. She is extremely smart, her coat is shiny and she hardly sheds. Puustinen is a perfect Nutrolin® cat!