Shiny Sensations

Margreet and her partner Eric Valkenburg started their breeding with Dobermanns in 1989 and bred them until 2006. Several litters were born under the name « Van Avendia ». They also owned a few Whippets at the time. As many life changes happened, they decided to concentrate their breeding to Whippets under the prefix Shiny Sensations. The kennel name was inspired by the look of these elegant dogs, as well as their performance in action


The first Whippet litter was born in 2008. The pups grew up and were very successful in shows, one with International Champion title and national champions in many countries. The mother of the litter was the UK Import Supeta’s Billie Jean bred by Sue Microft. The father of the litter was Boxing Helena’s Epos Pente. Besides the excellent quality he gave to his puppies, he gave Margreet something even more important: a friend for life, the dog’s breeder Bart Scherens from Belgium. Bart became her mentor. Later on, he became her partner in the breeding work. He is the co-owner to all Margreet’s and Eric’s dogs

Margreet discovered her real passion for showing Whippets, and she started travelling all around Europe, Scandinavia and the UK. Since 2008 they have bred over 100 litters, exported in many countries. Many of them have been very successful all around the globe. The success is always the result of teamwork, and Margreet warmly thanks their puppy owners who contributed to this.

They are selective breeders whose goal is to have beautiful and healthy dogs both in body and mind. What Margreet is looking for in the dog’s anatomy, despite the variety of types they have in this breed, is the overall balance.

The condition of their dogs is critical to them. Whippets are an active and sporty breed, and Margreet wants to provide them with the best possible nutrition. She chose Nutrolin® to complement the dogs’ diet. The different Nutrolin® products make Shiny Sensations Whippets shinier in health and their looks, and even more sensational in action. All the puppies go to their new homes with a Nutrolin® PUPPY & MOM bottle to make sure they have the best possible start in life. To care for the adult dogs’ shiny and velvety coat, they give them Nutrolin® SKIN & COAT. The veteran dogs’ looks and movement are beautiful with the help of Nutrolin® HIP & JOINT or Nutrolin® SENIOR in preventative strategy.

Margreet is also a professional groomer. She recommends these products to her clients’ dogs when she sees they need some support to be healthier, happier and even more beautiful versions of themselves.