Nutrolin® Snäk Krilled Pork


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Semi-soft treats for all (circus) dogs

The healthy Nutrolin® SNÄK Krilled Pork is 100 % taste but only 10 % fat. The protein in SNÄK is 100 % animal protein. The grain-free treats have a 1.5 cm diameter and can easily be broken into smaller bits for the tiniest pooches. The treats are made in Finland from Finnish raw materials, except for the Norwegian Antarctic krill.

Nutrolin® SNÄK Krilled Pork is suitable for puppies, seniors, and all dogs who want to learn new tricks. SNÄK does not stain your pockets.

TIP! Choose the option « 10x100g carton », and you get a 40% discount (the discount is taken into account in the price).