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Questions and answers

The product range has five special oils for dogs. Think about what you want to accomplish by giving the dog supplements: there is no “one oil fits all” solution that would meet all fatty acid needs. The animal’s needs change with age and special situations.

Puppies benefit most from omega-3 DHA, whereas senior dogs benefit most from EPA. Joints are best nourished by means of yet another combination of nutrients. Nutrolin® product development is based on high-class scientific expertise and, therefore, there are several products in the range.n

Usually it is enough to give one product at a time. For example, depending on whether a senior dog has degenerative arthritis or not, the dog should be given either Nutrolin® SENIOR or Nutrolin® HIP & JOINT. Sometimes you may need to use another Nutrolin® product, all of which are based on fatty acids in fish oil, in addition to the vegetable oil-based Nutrolin® SKIN & COAT. Such a situation may arise, for example, if the dog has skin issues, in addition to joint problems. The dog would benefit from being given both Nutrolin® HIP & JOINT and Nutrolin® SKIN & COAT nn. to maximize the benefits of both vegetable oils and fish oils, administer one product in the morning and the other one in the evening. It is not necessary to use two fish oil-based Nutrolin® products simultaneously.

Once opened, the shelf life of Nutrolin® SKIN & COATt, Nutrolin® PUPPY & MOM and Nutrolin® SENIOR is four months. Once opened, Nutrolin® SPORTt and Nutrolin® HIP & JOINT have a shelf life of three months. Always store open bottles in an upright position. You also do not need to shake the bottle. In this way, even bigger bottles do not cause a mess, since oil does not get inside the cap. Most Nutrolin® products are available in two pack sizes. Select the size that your dog can consume within the shelf life of the product once opened.nnIf your dog is very small, the daily dose of Nutrolin® is also tiny. If even the smaller bottle lasts longer than 3-4 months for your dog, you can freeze half of the product in a clear glass jar or equivalent and use the oil in two batches. Leave the oil to thaw at a room temperature for a moment and invert the jar a couple of times so that the oil regains its consistency. Also store the frozen oil in a refrigerator after opening.

Nutrolin® SKIN & COAT

Nutrolin® SKIN & COAT is completely vegetable oil-based. It provides excellent protection against many common ailments, such as dry and flaking skin, lifeless coat, hotspots, yeast, dry pads and scaling nails. It has a patented mix of fatty acids, which contains plenty of essential fatty acids as well as GLA and SDA. Protects and nourishes the skin, coat, pads, and nails naturally, through nutrition

Questions and answers

Changes that take place in the coat after neutering are hormonal and nutrients cannot directly affect them. If the volume of your dog’s coat has increased considerably, the dog may also need nutrients essential for their coat (protein, in addition to fatty acids), in order for the coat to look good and healthy. Nutrolin® SKIN & COAT is always an excellent supplement to improve the quality of the coat.

During the elimination diet, no new nutrients can be added to the dog’s diet since they may cause allergic reactions. In theory, it is also possible for an allergic dog to have a reaction to the proteins in vegetable oils, which Nutrolin® SKIN & COAT contains. We recommend that you try adding Nutrolin® SKIN & COAT oil to the dog’s diet as soon as possible. Start with a small dose and gradually increase it to the recommended level. Your dog’s skin needs essential fatty acids in order to be healthy and to fend off allergens.

Nutrolin® PUPPY & MOM

Give your puppy the best start in life with Nutrolin® PUPPY & MOM oil. Continue with it until the puppy is 6-12 months old. Omega-3 DHA is the most important fatty acid for puppies. It ensures proper development of learning skills, vision, and sense of smell. From research carried out on humans, we know that taking fish oil during pregnancy protects the child from developing atopy later.

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For small breeds, giving the puppy oil until the puppy is 6 months old is enough. Large breed puppies grow more slowly, so they, as well as dogs which will become working or activity dogs, should be given oil until they are 12 months old (the oil improves the dog’s trainability and senses). Even a much longer period of administration is not harmful; quite the contrary.

If this is your dog’s first litter and you have been giving her at least courses of Nutrolin or other fish oil products, it suffices to start giving her Nutrolin®PUPPY & MOM during the last trimester of pregnancy (which is when the fetuses brains develop the most). If the female dog has had puppies before, the DHA reserves in her body may be low. In this situation, giving puppy oil should be started before breeding. A low level of omega-3 fatty acids in the body is associated with difficulty becoming pregnant.

Nutrolin® SENIOR

Take care of your aging dog companion with Nutrolin® SENIOR. Suitable for all dogs over 8 years of age, for large breeds even at a younger age. The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oils, Vitamin E, and ubiquinone (Q10) control the “silent inflammation” and oxidative stress in the animal’s aging system.

Questions and answers

The oil for senior dogs primarily works preventatively. Therefore, you should start giving the oil to your dog when he or she reaches midlife. Nutrolin® SENIOR has plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, ubiquinone and natural Vitamin E. Together these nutrients slow down the changes caused by aging in the body and maintain the dog’s friskiness and ability to function.

Omega-3 EPA, DHA, Vitamin E and ubiquinone protect the dog’s brain, heart, kidneys, and joints. Recommended from the age of 8 upwards, for large breeds at a younger age. Nutrolin® Senior is also an excellent nutritional support for younger dogs suffering from heart failure. NOTE: if your dog has degenerative arthritis, we recommend that you use Nutrolin® HIP & JOINT instead of SENIOR.

Nutrolin® SPORT

Nutrolin® SPORT helps the dog recover more quickly and maintain maximum performance. Omega-3 fatty acids, ubiquinone (Q10), betacarotene and natural vitamin E are the four power ingredients of SPORT, protecting the working and sport dog during strenuous exertion.

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Nutrolin® SPORT includes three important nutrients: omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil (they control inflammation in the recovery stage), natural Vitamin E (protects the muscles, tendons and joints) as well as astaxanthin (protects the membranes of muscle cells and supports the immune response). Astaxanthin is the strongest antioxidant found in nature. It is approximately 100 times stronger than natural Vitamin E. Astaxanthin is red, giving SPORT its Ferrari red color.

The positive effects of the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil are known, in particular, from studies related to improved mobility of joints in dogs (Moreau et al., 2012). They have also been shown to have favorable effects in reducing inflammation and directing the recovery stage of inflammation, in other words, resolution (Calder et al., 2015). Studies conducted on sled dogs have shown the effects of Vitamin E and astaxanthin in the reduction of oxidative stress (Reynolds et al., 2012).

Nutrolin® HIP & JOINT

The only joint product on the market, which contains a high quantity of both omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil and the medical grade joint supplements glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM. A pilot study into dogs suffering from hip dysplasia showed the same results as thousands of user experiences. The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil and the joint supplements are effective together: they help the dog regain mobility, and movement is the best medicine for joints.

Questions and answers

If your dog has an increased risk of developing joint problems, it is a good idea to start protecting the normal activity of joints. Risk factors include joint injuries, hip score of C or poorer (on the European FCI scale), as well as other factors resulting from the dog’s structure or genetics.

The quantity of tablets and oil is designed to be consumed at the same pace, but it may be difficult to measure the oil accurately. Try measuring a slightly smaller quantity of the oil. If you still have tablets left when the oil runs out, you can continue giving the tablets to the dog until you open a new pack. If you have Nutrolin® SENIOR in the house, you can also use it instead of the oil in Nutrolin® HIP & JOINT.

The Vitamin E added to Nutrolin® oils is natural d-alpha-tocopherol, and it is protected against oxidation. This ensures that the amount of Vitamin E in the product matches what is marked on the packaging.

Nutrolin® oils have been protected with a 100% natural blend of antioxidants, which contains rosemary and tocopherol extracts. The protection was developed in cooperation with researchers at the Technical University of Denmark. The effects of the antioxidant blend have been demonstrated in a study to be published in the winter of 2017. Preliminary results were presented at an international research conference in Portugal in the summer of 2016.