DHL Express On Demand Delivery (ODD) 

With DHL On Demand Delivery (ODD), you receive Your Nutrolin® order with DHL Express whenever and wherever you like.

After our team has completed your order You will soon be notified by email/ SMS from DHL. Just click the smart link on the message to access ODD and You are able to choose from several convenient and flexible delivery options.

Shipping costs (DDP: Delivered, Duty Paid – no additional fees)
EU-countries: 6,90-8,90 EUR – Free shipping limit 50 EUR
UK: 10,90 GBP – Free shipping limit 50 GBP 
NORWAY: 14,90 EUR – Free shipping limit 100 EUR 
USA: 20,90 USD – Free shipping limit 100 USD
CANADA: 25,90 CAD – Free shipping limit 100 CAD 
SWITZERLAND: 16,90 EUR – Free shipping limit 100 EUR 
SINGAPORE: 18,90 EUR – Free shipping limit 100 EUR 

DHLCollect from a DHL ServicePoint
No more impatient waiting at home unnecessarily. You can collect your parcel from a DHL ServicePoint nearby.

DHLSchedule the delivery
You can select a delivery date that best suits you.

DHLSignature waiver
Gives DHL permission to deliver the shipment without your signature.

DHLDelivery to neighbours, reception desk or security staff
Gives DHL permission to deliver the shipment to neighbours, reception or security.

DHL alternatief adresDelivery to another address
Gives DHL permission to deliver to an alternative address (such as work, family, school etc.)

DHLWaiting time for holidays
If you are on holiday, DHL can hold the shipment for you for up to 30 calendar days.

Note: Please be advised that using On Demand Delivery service and requesting a forward delivery change could lead to a longer lead time of at least one additional working day. Certain delivery options may not be available due to the nature of the shipment or at the shipper’s request.

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