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Nutrolin® – The number one pet oil supplement brand in Scandinavia, now available in the UK and Ireland

We are happy to inform you that Nutrolin® omega oil supplements are now easily available in the UK and Ireland through our partner The Complete Pet! OXIDATIVE STABILITY IS ESSENTIAL FOR EFFICACY If you have opened a bottle of salmon [...]

Nutrolin® SENIOR and Nutrolin® SPORT got a new boost

Diamonds are made under pressure. We were surprised and disappointed when we got the news that Q10 (also called ubiquinone) will become suspended in animal feeds and supplements in the EU. Two of our oil supplements contained it. Q10 can [...]

Get more good years for your dog with the right omegas

You may have heard other pet owners talking about omegas and wondered what they could do for your dog. Did you know that the right omegas can help your dog maintain good joint, skin, fur, heart, and even brain health [...]


#OmegaMonday Did you know there is not one Omega-3 fatty acid but several different Omega-3 fatty acids?Omega-3s can be either marine- or plant-derived: for example DHA and EPA are derived from fish oils, while ALA is plant-derived.#Nutrolinlife #Nutrolin #Backebyscience #science #tiede #rasvahapot #fettsyror #omega #Omegat
Even as winter holds tight, the light is steadily growing brighter each day! 🌟 Embrace the chilly days knowing that warmth and sunshine are just around the corner. Let’s keep shining through the frost! ❄️☀️#Nutrolinlife #Nutrolin #Nutrolinhorses #Issikka #Icelandichorse #Icelandichorses #islandshäst #islandshest
Office cat Puustinen's first best friend was Penni the Parson. Together, they enjoyed moments of play and peaceful naps when elderly Penni grew weary. As Penni's time to depart arrived, Puustinen laid faithfully by her side, their breaths harmonizing in a touching farewell. At that moment, amidst bittersweet emotions, the beauty of their connection transcended words, etching a memory that endures - a true friendship forever engraved within our hearts ❤️#Happyvalentinesday #ystävänpäivä #allahjärtansdag #parasystävä #bestfriends #bestfriend #parasystävä #parhaatystävät #Nutrolinlife #Nutrolin
"Using Nutrolin® oils for my cats is a given for me. To be told that my cats have such a shiny coat, and knowing that they are getting everything they need to stay healthy feels amazing."Jessica Eklund has been a loyal user of Nutrolin® CAT nutritional oils for her feline companions for years now. 😻#Nutrolinlife #Nutrolin #Nutrolincats
#catlife #kattliv #kissanelämää
In the world of paws, hoofs and unconditional love, it's easy to get lost in caring for our adorable companions. As devoted animal lovers, we sometimes forget the importance of caring for ourselves, too! 🐶🐱🐴Mai SKIN is a product for us humans. If you suffer from dry skin, Mai is for you. Once a day in a food, you know the drill 🤗Available in three variants: Basic, Natural lemon & Sun with beta carotene.#Maiskin #kuivaiho #iho #ihonhoito #ravintolisä #kaunisiho #beautifulskin #torrhud

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