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Nutrolin® SENIOR and Nutrolin® SPORT got a new boost

Diamonds are made under pressure. We were surprised and disappointed when we got the news that Q10 (also called ubiquinone) will become suspended in animal feeds and supplements in the EU. Two of our oil supplements contained it. Q10 can [...]

Get more good years for your dog with the right omegas

You may have heard other pet owners talking about omegas and wondered what they could do for your dog. Did you know that the right omegas can help your dog maintain good joint, skin, fur, heart, and even brain health [...]

Nutrolin® made magic with Lady Lordana

Lady Lordana is a successful, 15-year-old Oldenburg showjumping mare. It has competed at the top level with Hendrik Sosath, up to the 160 cm classes, participating, for example, in the Hamburg Derby, the Nations Cup and the World Cup. When [...]


#OmegaMonday Omega-3 DHA not only plays a pivotal role in the early development of a puppy’s brain and eyes but also continues to support the cognitive health and visual function of senior dogs.Iita here is 18 years old, and she started taking Nutrolin SENIOR, which has a high amount of DHA, as soon as she turned eight.#nutrolinlife #nutrolin #seniorikoira #vanhakoira #parson #parsonrussellterrier #gammalhund
🐾🎉 Get Ready for a Pawsitively Purrfect Weekend of Fun and Games! 🎉🐾Hey there, fellow feline enthusiasts! It's Time to unleash the kitten party vibes because the weekend is finally here, and our adorable furballs are ready to have a blast! 😺🎲 Game On! 🎲
1. Feather Frenzy: Wave a feather toy in the air and watch your kittens go wild, trying to catch it. It's like their very own feathered friend!
2. Hide and Seek: Can your kittens find you when you hide behind furniture? It's Time to test their ninja skills and have some giggles along the way.#Nutrolinlife #Nutrolin #Nutrolincats #WeekendFun #KittenPlaytime #abessiniancat
When everything is in perfect harmony beneath the surface - no discomfort, tension, or stiffness - sharing life and engaging in activities together becomes an unparalleled joy! 💚🐴#nutrolinlife #nutrolin #nutrolinhorses #nutrolinhorse #hevoset #hästliv #equestrainlife
🎉🐾 A week late, but the love keeps growing! Wishing our Nutrolin® office dog, Telma the happiest 16th birthday! 🎂💚 #SweetSixteen #FurryFriendForever #Parsonrussellterrier #parson
Byyyeee, we are off to have a splendid weekend! We hope you have one, too 💚#Nutrolinlife #Nutrolin #Nutrolindogs #foxredlabrador #labbis #labrador

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