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Nutrolin® SENIOR and Nutrolin® SPORT got a new boost

Diamonds are made under pressure. We were surprised and disappointed when we got the news that Q10 (also called ubiquinone) will become suspended in animal feeds and supplements in the EU. Two of our oil supplements contained it. Q10 can [...]

Get more good years for your dog with the right omegas

You may have heard other pet owners talking about omegas and wondered what they could do for your dog. Did you know that the right omegas can help your dog maintain good joint, skin, fur, heart, and even brain health [...]

Nutrolin® made magic with Lady Lordana

Lady Lordana is a successful, 15-year-old Oldenburg showjumping mare. It has competed at the top level with Hendrik Sosath, up to the 160 cm classes, participating, for example, in the Hamburg Derby, the Nations Cup and the World Cup. When [...]


An afternoon nap is always a brilliant idea on a Saturday. Especially when you have been busy playing with friends ☀️💚#nutrolinlife #nutrolin #nutrolinpuppies #nutrolinpuppy #valp #pentu #puppylovers #foxredlab #labradorretriever #labbis
Woohoo, weekend adventures are ahead! The safest way to explore the world with a cat is to put your friend on a leash. Musti here has been getting acquainted with safe travels at a very early age. He loooooves overnight stays in a hotel! Well, who doesn't 💚#Nutrolinlife #Nutrolin #Nutrolincats #viikonloppu #weekendfun
Being a puppy is a hard job. So much to discover and learn; every day brings new skills and experiences 🧡Puppies get Nutrolin PUPPY & MOM once a day in their food. And what clever younglings they are 💚#nutrolinlife #nutrolin #nutrolindogs #nutrolinpuppies #labbis #labradorretriever #labpuppy #labradorvalp #foxredlab
Get ready for the ultimate outdoor adventure! 🐾 It's time to unleash your furry friend and let them conquer the nature-made agility obstacles!We're also gearing up for some thrilling water rescue missions 🌊So, grab your gear and get ready to make a splash with your four-legged companion! 🐶 Don't miss out on the action-packed fun of the outdoor season - it's time to let your doggy shine with Nutrolin® Skin & Coat and Nutrolin® Sport 🌟
#OmegaMonday Classic research showed as early as the 1930s that linoleic acid was essential to animals. A diet lacking linoleic acid produced a condition characterised by dry, flaky skin and dull hair coat in experimental animals.The skin barrier is the outermost layer of skin, consisting of materials the skin produces. Skin cells need linoleic acid to create these materials. The proper function of the skin barrier is vital to all mammals’ life. The skin barrier protects the body against infectious agents, chemicals, and allergens.The critical element of the Nutrolin® SKIN & COAT oil is the specific balance of fatty acids; omega-6 linoleic acid, gamma-linolenic acid as well as omega-3 alpha-linoleic acid, and stearidonic acid.#Nutrolinlife #Nutrolin #Nutrolinskincoat #drycoat #koiranterveys #dullcoat #showdog

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