The six-liter miracle: How Nutrolin® transformed Flipper’s skin and coat

Flipper, a national-level show jumper in Finland, has developed a bushy coat over the years. Additionally, his skin has become paper-dry and thin. His owner, Inna Ranta, reached out to the Nutrolin customer service during the winter, sharing details of the significant issue:

« I have a 12-year-old KWPN horse named Flipper, who has always struggled with poor skin and coat quality. In the summertime, his hair grows excessively, requiring monthly clipping to prevent him from resembling a Shetland pony. In winter, his skin becomes flaky and dry, and his fur looks dull, which makes his equipment rub against him uncomfortably. Even when clipping, we leave longer hair around the girth and on the sides (spur hairs) to protect his skin from leg wear.

Unlike other horses, Flipper lacks the ‘grey tallow’ they shed when you brush or pat a horse.

« I’ve tried various oils, zinc, and other supplements, even high-fat concentrates, but nothing has worked. I’m skeptical, but I’m considering giving Nutrolin a chance. »

Inna used to apply oils to the horse’s flanks before and after riding to reduce friction from the rider’s boots, which could make the skin hairless. However, external oiling can impair the skin’s natural barrier, preventing it from breathing properly. Nutrolin® HORSE Skin & Coat, as an internal moisturizer, supports maintaining the skin’s moisture balance from inside out.

Most horses show initial improvements with this fatty acid supplement within 2-6 weeks. However, given Flipper’s severe skin condition, progress took longer. Inna used one and a half times the recommended amount, and it was only after finishing the second litre that changes became noticeable:

« The side hairs completely renewed, although the shedding process looked dramatic, with clumps falling out. His winter coat also stopped growing in as thickly as before. Typically, Flipper would develop a dense coat akin to a Shetland pony’s within weeks. »

After four litres, Flipper’s fur and flaky skin areas had fully recovered, with his coat becoming noticeably shinier and less thick. By the sixth litre, there were no more skin breakouts. Before, everything caused irritation, and I had to use a soft fur girth, but now a regular saddle girth suffices!

« Additionally, Flipper seems much more energetic, and I attribute this to the oil, as nothing else in his feeding has changed. »

Flipper was tested for Cushing’s disease a few years ago and undergoes annual veterinary checks, as is typical for sport horses. Despite this, the cause of his skin symptoms remained elusive until Nutrolin® HORSE Skin & Coat proved effective. Despite some intense reactions initially, Flipper’s skin condition has dramatically improved.

Nutrolin® HORSE Skin & Coat

Nutrolin® HORSE Skin & Coat

💚 Reduces itching and flaking
💚 Supports treatment of summer rash and rain rot
💚 Reduces the risk of recurrent skin inflammations
💚 Produces a shinier coat
💚 Unique, patented composition (a plant oil formula)
❗️ It may contain traces of CBD

Bye-bye to skin issues and dull coats; welcome to a shinier, healthier version of your horse.

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