Fish packs a punch

Horses’ nutrition can be significantly enhanced by using tailor-made combinations of fatty acids and complimentary nutrients for different purposes.

We like to call beneficial fatty acids simply “omegas”. Different omegas have different effects in the body. Omega-6 fatty acids, for instance, reinforce the skin’s natural protective mechanism whereas omega-3 fatty acids suppress inflammation of the joints. If all beneficial omegas were put in the same bottle, the resulting product would not be as effective, since the omegas compete with each other in metabolism. But because we know our omegas, we select different fatty acids from vegetable and fish oils for different products, according to their effectiveness for various purposes.

Nutrolin Targeted omegas

Even though the natural diet of horses does not include fish or fish oil, the omega-3 fatty acids they contain (namely EPA, ETA, DPA and DHA) significantly enhance horses’ nutrition. Omega- 3 fatty acids in fish oil have over ten times the potency to suppress inflammation compared with the omega-3s in vegetable oils such as flax, canola, hemp and chia seed oils. Added vitamin E enhances the effectiveness of omega-3s in fish oil. Likewise, the mixture of nutrients promoting joint health, and fish oil omega-3s, create an unparalleled, synergistic effect.


Provides protection to your horse’s joints during training and competition.

Nutrolin® HORSE Joint Duo

Nutrolin® Horse Joint Duo contains a broad spectrum of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids, EPA, ETA, DPA and DHA. These fish oil fatty acids attenuate inflammation over ten times more effectively than omega-3 fatty acids of plant oils such as those found in linseed, hemp seed and chia seed oils. Nutrients that support joint health – glucosamine & hyaluron – maintain and support regeneration of joint tissues. Fish oil omega-3 fatty acids enhance this process by attenuating inflammation. 

supports recovery


supports your horse in healthy recovery after strenuous exercise

Nutrolin® Horse Sport contains a unique combination of nutrients that helps your sports and competition horse to endure strenuous exercise and it also speeds up recovery. Horse Sport is an important part of taking care of your active horse’s well-being. Horse Sport oil contains natural vitamin E that protects cells from oxidative stress caused by strenuous exercise.


Horses’ skin problems are often associated with excessively dry skin. Dry skin becomes flaky and scaly, reducing the coat’s quality. Dry skin is also susceptible to develop a hypersensitive response to allergens and bacterial inflammation. The patented Skin & Coat vegetable oil blend containing high levels of essential fatty acids supports the development of the skin’s natural protective mechanism, the permeability barrier. A functional permeability barrier maintains the skin’s moisture balance and alleviates skin problems caused by dryness. Fish and salmon oils lack this effect.



Nutrolin® HORSE Skin & Coat

💚 Nutritional oil specially made for skin care.

💚 Strengthens skin’s natural protective layer: the permeability barrier

💚 Reduces itching and flaking

💚 Supports treatment of summer eczema

💚 Reduces risk of repeated skin inflammations

💚 Helps produce a shinier coat



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