The convenient Nutrolin HIP & JOINT paste takes over

Nutrolin® HIP & JOINT oil + tablets will soon be removed from our selection. You can still order this product while the stock lasts. Our new and convenient alternative is the HIP & JOINT paste, already chosen by thousands of pet parents. It contains identical amounts of active ingredients as the old version.

Nutrolin® HIP & JOINT is the gold medalist among joint supplements

The new, innovative HIP & JOINT paste has taken the product to a new level by making it much easier to administer. It also contains the highest omega-3 levels compared to any other joint supplement!

The same effective product

The new paste version is the same product as before but in a new format. The only slight difference is a small amount of MSM and vitamin C that the paste does not contain. There is not as strong evidence for the effect of MSM as there is for omega-3 fatty acids, glucosamine, chondroitin, and krill phospholipids.

The amount of active substances (omega-3, glucosamine, chondroitin, vitamin E) per daily dose is the same in the two product variants. The daily cost, sufficiency and efficacy are also unchanged.

High levels of active ingredients

A 20-kg dog’s daily amount of Nutrolin® HIP & JOINT paste contains:

  • 1400 mg omega-3 EPA, ETA, DPA och DHA
  • 600 mg glucosamine HCI
  • 400 mg chondroitin
  • 50 mg natural vitamin E