Meet Stocky and Speedy Staffies

I’m happy to be an owner of two gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terriers, a.k.a. staffies – Rontti, the mom and Martta, the daughter. The breed is known to have some unique characteristics – an endless amount of energy and enthusiasm for life. Right on – Staffies love to be loved and to love in return.

Living with a staffy is like living with a tiny hurricane with a big, loving heart. However, the full speed life has its downsides – under the stocky appearance, joints and cartilages are in a high risk of damages. Additionally, the breed has some, not fatal, but extremely nasty skin disorders like atopy, food allergies and sensitivities, causing an owner with grey hair and worry lines.

Nutrolin® and an atopic staffy

The cornerstones of my energic staffies’ wellbeing are healthy genes, suitable exercise, optimal nutrition, as well as Nutrolin® products.

My first experience with the Nutrolin® happened almost ten years ago while Martta was a puppy. The early signs of dog’s atopic skin showed up with itching and reddened paw skin. The vet recommended us the Nutrolin® Puppy & Mom oil to take into daily use.

When Martta subsequently diagnosed as an atopic dog suffering also from fish sensitivity at the age of two years, we have been using Nutrolin® Skin & Coat ever since. I can’t praise the product enough. It is purely vegetable-based oil containing high-quality omega-3s which are very essentials and beneficial to maintain good skin condition in my atopic, food sensitivity staffy. It seems to be a super tasty too – First, Martta carefully licks Nutrolin® Skin & Coat oil from the bottom and edges of her food bowl before even taking a bite of kibbles!

Nutrolin® and an arthritic staffy

Rontti has taken Nutrolin® Senior from up to five years old. While staffies are well known about their highspeed lifestyle, the vet recommended feeding it for my energetic staffy to support her joint health.

Nowadays, at the age of 11 years, Rontti has slight arthritis in her front leg, which bothers her now and then. So, we changed to feed her Nutrolin® Hip & Joint supplement a year ago. I was surprised to see the first positive effects in her already after three weeks of the regular use. The further she fed with the supplement, the more positive influences my staffy benefited: overall stiffness reduced, her mobility got flexible and getting up from the bed succeeded without difficulties. Also, the staffy’s recovery after exercise is much quicker. Dog’s overall appearance is brisk and cheery.

Thanks for the Nutrolin® Hip & Joint supplement, the grand old lady can yet still live her life to the fullest, enjoy long walkies in the woodland as well as ‘staffy wrestling games’ with Martta.

If my staffies’ experience with Nutrolin® products pique your interest and you like to know more about staffies and their wellbeing, visit in Around My Staffy blog.

The Around My Staffy blog is an informative, reality-based blog dedicated to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, their owners and all staffy and dog fans around the world. It discusses the breed’s typical health issues as well as wellbeing providing general tips and tricks for the dog’s better life quality from the staffy owner’s perspective.

Text and pictures: Jaana Loikkanen