St. Bernard Maisa got help for hair loss, dry nose and cracked paw pads


St. Bernard dogs are gentle giants that can participate in many other canine hobbies in addition to shows. Noora Eteläniemi has owned St. Bernards for a long time and here she talks about her dogs and describes her experiences of using Nutrolin® products.

“Our then 2-year-old show-dog, long-haired St. Bernard Maisa suffered from constant hair loss, dry nose and cracked paw pads. Luckily, we heard about Nutrolin® SKIN & COAT oil supplement and tried it. Since Maisa started using the oil, her paw pads have become more resilient, her nose is moist and black again and her coat is shinier than ever before,” says Noora. She also points out that Maisa’s constant shedding has stopped and her coat now changes regularly according to seasons.

“Maisa is now over 4 years old and she continues to take Nutrolin® SKIN & COAT oil supplement on a daily basis. When Maisa had a large litter, Nutrolin® helped her to recover. In the near future Maisa will start to use Nutrolin® HIP & JOINT. St. Bernards are a very heavy breed, so we want to prevent possible joint issues in advance,” Noora adds.


In addition to Maisa, Noora has Malla, a young St. Bernard.

“Short-haired St. Bernard Malla is now slightly over a year old. I have given her Nutrolin® PUPPY & MOM oil since she came from Poland to Finland as a puppy. Since shedding her puppy coat, her new coat is shiny and she does not shed any hair! Malla is only at the beginning of her show career, but Nutrolin® supports her well-being both in the home field and in show rings,” Noora says.

“Everyone who buys a puppy from us, receives a Nutrolin® PUPPY & MOM bottle and a strong recommendation to use the product until the puppy is 12 months old. After that, I recommend Nutrolin® SKIN & COAT”, says Noora.


Kuvat: Nutrolin®/Jenni Liukkonen & Leevi Eteläniemi