Sweet itch, skin problems, dandruff? Hives or nettle rash? Dull coat?


Dry skin is often the underlying cause behind horses’ skin problems. Dandruff and a dull coat are telltale signs of dry skin. Dry skin is also more susceptible to react to allergens and bacterial infections. For example, the mane and the tail may itch. An imbalance of the skin’s barrier function increases the risk of pastern dermatitis also known as scratches, grease heel, cracked heel and mud fever or streptotrichosis (equine dermatophilosis) and other types of dermatitis.

Horses need essential fatty acids to support the natural protective mechanisms of their skin, that is, the barrier function of the skin. Nutrolin Horse Skin & Coat™ is a unique, patented oil supplement for horses. The oil contains plenty of essential fatty acids that support the barrier function of the skin. When the barrier function works well, the skin maintains its moisture balance, which means less problems caused by dry skin.


Nutrolin® HORSE Skin & Coat

Strengthens skin’s natural protective layer: the permeability barrier

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Horses’ skin problems require a tailored oil supplement

Omega-6 linoleic acid strengthens the skin’s natural protective layer, that is, the skin’s barrier function. Fish oil supplements do not have this effect (McCusker & Grant-Kels, 2010). When the skin’s barrier function operates properly, the skin maintains its moisture balance, and symptoms of dry skin are alleviated (Hansen & Jensen, 1985; Elias, 2014).

Nutrolin Horse Skin & Coat™ is an oil supplement that contains plenty of Linoleic acid, which is an essential omega-6 fatty acid for the well-being of skin and coat. In addition, Skin & Coat oil contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (ALA, SDA and GLA) that optimize the effects of linoleic acid. The daily dose for a horse weighing 500 kg contains 24,000 mg of essential fatty acids.

Includes natural vitamin E 

Free radicals and reactive oxygen in the cells of an organism can cause oxidative stress in the body. Oxidative stress takes place when the amount of oxygen radicals exceeds the ability of antioxidants to protect tissues in the body against oxidation. Oxidative stress can damage cellular DNA, proteins and membranes. Inflammation and active inflammation cells increase the amount of oxygen radicals and oxidative stress. Horses benefit from supplementing their food with vitamin E in situations when they suffer from low grade inflammation, so-called silent inflammation. For example, skin irritations or joint issues as well as hard physical strain can lead to low grade inflammation.

Nutrolin® Horse™ products contain natural vitamin E (d-alfa or RRR-tocopheryl). Natural vitamin E is 1.5 times more effective than commonly used forms of synthetic vitamin E (dl-alfa tocopheryl or all-rac-alfa tocopheryl).

All Nutrolin® Horse™ products contain enough natural vitamin E to meet the body’s needs. For example, a 500 kg horse gets a 500 mg daily dose of vitamin E from Nutrolin Horse Skin & Coat™.

Nutrolin® products are based on scientific research

We have developed oil supplements for horses to meet horses’ needs for essential fatty acids. An oil supplement that contains the right fatty acids is a lot more than just an energy boost. A combination of carefully selected fatty acids complemented with equally carefully selected nutrients can meet the nutritional needs that horses have in different situations. Head of our product development and research is Mikko Griinari, fatty acid researcher and Adjunct Professor in Animal Science at the University of Helsinki. Olini Oy is the Finnish family-owned company behind Nutrolin® products.

Nutrolin® Horse Skin & Coat™ oil supplement has been tested since 2010. It has worked extremely well in treatment of horses’ skin problems. The patented oil supplement has given good results as a supporting treatment for horses suffering from sweet itch (pruritis).

Nutrolin Horse Skin Coat_sweet itch2

Nutrolin® HORSE Skin & Coat

The tasty oil supplement is an easy-to-use daily supplement that is given together with fodder. Suitable for horses of all ages. For a horse that weighs 500 kg, a pack lasts 80 days.

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