Boost your agility dog with the right omega oils


Do you find the facts about oils and fatty acids confusing? Not sure which ones benefit your dogs the most?

It may help to think of them as vitamin-like nutrients in the sense that, like vitamins, there are many different fatty acids with many different biological roles. Nutrolin® oil supplements were developed by Professor Mikko Griinari, a world-class Finnish scientist with a PhD. in animal nutrition from the renowned Cornell University.


A longer healthier career for your agility dog

Nutrolin® SPORT

Helps your dog recover faster and protects muscles and joints

 ▪   Give to all working and sports dogs 
 ▪   Protection against oxidative stress and inflammation during strenuous exercise
 ▪   Omega-3’s suppress the inflammation associated with the recovery of muscle and other soft tissues from micro-injuries caused by vigorous exercise
 ▪   Contains krill oil and vitamin E, nature’s most potent antioxidant combination for added efficacy
 ▪    Effectiveness demonstrated in studies with sled dogs
 ▪    For optimal performance: Start giving 4 to 8 weeks before peak condition, stop when the rest period begins
 ▪   Can be used continuously

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Nutrolin® PUPPY & MOM

Enhances your puppy’s trainability

Give to pregnant bitches and to puppies up to 12 months
 ▪    Rich in omega-3 DHA and natural vitamin E
 ▪    Improved trainability of the puppy
 ▪    Better eyesight
 ▪    Optimal development of the sense of smell
 ▪    Supports skin health in adult life

Make sure your puppy gets enough of omega-3 DHA. It helps the puppy to reach its full genetic potential.

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Nutrolin® SENIOR

Increased mobility and cognitive function of your aging agility dog

 ▪   Give to your dog from 7-8 years of age
 ▪   Rich in omega-3’s, natural vitamin E and lecithin
 ▪   Gives protection against the chronic low-grade inflammation and oxidative stress which are common in aging dogs
 ▪   Improves the functioning of joints, brain, heartand kidneys
 ▪   Reduces inflammation in the mouth and intestinal tissues

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Nutrolin® HIP & JOINT

Helps to restore the mobility of osteoarthritic joints

 ▪   Give to dogs who have (or are at risk of getting) osteoarthritis
 ▪   This unique dual component supplement consists of liquid fish oil and chondroprotective ingredients in tablet form.
 ▪   More effective than single-component formulations. Visible results in 2-6 weeks.
 ▪   Medical grade ingredients:
– Omega-3 fatty acids (ETA, EPA, DPA and DHA) reduce painful inflammation in joints 
– Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate support the regeneration of joint tissues
 ▪   MSM and vitamins E & C for added efficacy
 ▪    Researchers documented the efficacy of Nutrolin® HIP & JOINT in a pilot study (Seppälä & Hielm-Björkman, 2013,School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Helsinki)

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Nutrolin® SKIN & COAT

Healthy skin and paws. Less shedding. More beautiful coat.

 ▪   A patented fatty acid and antioxidant formula works efficiently on all coat types
 ▪    Supports renewal and health of skin, nails, and paws
 ▪   Improves the skin’s moisture balance 
 ▪   Contains high levels of essential fatty acids plus GLA and SDA to help strengthen natural protection of the skin
 ▪   Rich in natural vitamin E

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